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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023): Phenomenology and Critique

A Praxis of Facticity for Critical Phenomenology

December 31, 2023


This paper critically engages the method that guides critical phenomenology’s approach to political praxis. While many in this field have emphasized the need to clarify critical phenomenology’s method of social critique, less attention has been given to how critical phenomenology establishes a distinct and rigorously phenomenological method of praxis. The aim of this paper is to enrich the calls to action in critical phenomenology by inquiring into the conditions under which transformative political praxis becomes possible. To this end, I draw on Hannah Arendt’s political appropriation of Martin Heidegger’s factical turn in phenomenology to provide a methodological framework for undertaking this inquiry. By using this framework to clarify the scope, limits, and responsibilities of action, I argue that Arendt’s analysis gives rise to what might be described as a praxis of facticity that critical phenomenology, in its concern for the situatedness and intersubjective constitution of experience, is well-positioned to adopt.